Torch-on roofing is a popular roofing method that is typically used on low-angled and flat-shaped roofs. A torch-on roof consists of two layers of modified bitumen membrane that are approximately 3-4 mm. thick. The base layer is mechanically secured with plates or attached to the substrate with adhesive. The cap layer is similarly composed, but it often has a granulated surface to provide protection from the elements. The top surface of the base layer and the bottom surface of the cap layer have a thermos-fusible surface, which means that they can be thermally merged together (often done by melting the layers with a propane torch)— hence the term “torch-on roofing”. These roofs are very durable, require low maintenance and generally have a lifecycle of 20-25 years. Mountain West Roofing partners with the best torch-on roofing manufacturers to provide the best products to suit your needs.

Benefits of Torch-On Roofing

The major advantage of torch-on roofing is its durability. The roof is water proof, which means it keeps moisture from invading the interior of the home. Its durability will help to keep maintenance costs low throughout the lifecycle of the roof. The fact that the roof seals in heat, while also preventing moisture from entering the home, can help to reduce energy usage. A roof that is lightweight, resistant to harsh weather, and able to withstand impact is an asset for any property. Contact Mountain West Roofing today to inquire about our torch-on roofing solutions.