A strong roof requires roofing materials that are up for the task. GAF’S line of shingles are rugged, dependable products that stand the test of time.

The GAF brand of products come from the GAF Materials Corporation, which is one of the most popular architectural shingle manufacturers in the industry. The durability and longevity of their roofing materials make GAF an easy choice for a homeowner who’s looking to renovate a roof or build a new one.

What Are GAF Shingles Made Of?

  • Its Micro Weave™ Core acts at the strong foundation, which allows the roof to resist damaging cracks or splits.
  • The SpecSelect™ Asphalt is water-resistant and can withstand weather’s harshest elements.
  • Diamond Cut Granules™ coat the outer layer, giving the shingle UV protection, while helping to maintain the true color of the shingle.
  • Dura Grip Adhesive™ grips each shingle tightly, which greatly reduces the risk of shingle blow-off.

GAF Shingle Types

  • Timberline HD® Shingles are among GAF’S most popular product offerings. Its rugged construction makes it capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, and its colours blends and shadows give it a dimensional wood-shake appearance.
  • Glenwood® Shingles genuinely mimic the look of authentic wood-shake shingles, while also having a wide range of color and stylistic options.
  • Grand Canyon® Lifetime Designer Shingles offer sophisticated luxury for the fraction of the cost of traditional slate or wood-shake shingles.

Ultimate Durability

When your home is getting hit with relentless 100mph winds, you need a roofing system that can absorb the impact. Timberline HD® shingles are constructed for tough conditions. Its Dura Grip™ adhesive is resistant to strong wind, its asphalt coating acts as a waterproof sealant and its UV protection blocks your roof from damaging sunlight. This durability will give your roof a long lifespan.

Beautiful Appearance

Shingles from GAF can give your property a stylistic touch. Timberline HD® shingles feature GAF’s “high definition” colour blends and shadow effects to give your roof a multi-dimensional look. Glenwood Shakes® mimic the look of authentic wood-cut shakes. Grand Canyon Lifetime Designer® Shingles offer a luxurious, artisan-crafted design that will impress any onlooker.

Great Investment

Materials from GAF will improve the strength and appearance of your roof. Having a strong roof also reduces the likelihood of structural and cosmetic damages occurring. GAF’s products are guaranteed by material warranties that range from 10-years to a lifetime. GAF products have a long lifespan, and they offer superior cost efficiency.